Epilepsy in Clinical Practice. A Case Study Approach

ANDREW N. WILNER. 270pp. Price: US$34.95

Publishers: Demos Medical Publishing. Date of Publication: 2000

Place of Publication: USA

ISBN: 0-888799-34

This book provides a coverage of practical issues in the management of epilepsy. The scientific information is provided as case studies. The topics covered include management of first seizures, intractable epilepsy and stopping anti-epileptic drugs, seizures and medications, epilepsy and pregnancy and epilepsy with psychiatric disorders. It also covers side effects of anti-epileptic drugs, management of status epilepticus, non epileptic seizures and alternative treatment for epilepsy. This book is addressed for general neurologists, primary care physicians, residents, medical students, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses and social workers. The book is a good buy for those who deal with patients with epilepsy.

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