Epilepsy: 199 Answers: A Doctor Answers His Patientsí Questions.

Andrew Wilner, Demos Vermande, New York, 1996. Price $24.95


This is a very clear and concise reference book dealing with the many questions a person with epilepsy or a person who has an interest or a connection with epilepsy might want to ask. A very comprehensive book of questions in easily identifiable chapters to help you find the answers to your questions and so increase your knowledge of epilepsy.

In answering so many comprehensive questions, this book is interesting and informative to the epilepsy patient, or even to someone who just wants to know more about the subject. This book increases the knowledge required to give a greater understanding of epilepsy to help people cope with the everyday situations that arise when you suffer from epilepsy or are involved with someone who has the disorder.

The examples of patients with seizures is interesting and helps you understand how epilepsy affects different people in different ways.

Overall, this is an essential up-to-date handbook on the subject of epilepsy.

Simon Powell (patient of Prof. Simon Shorvon), London, England

Reprinted with permission from:Epilepsia, Vol. 38, No. 5, 1997, p.620