From the Critics
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Reviewer: Ronald Sims, MD (Broadlawns Medical Center)
Description:The first half of this book presents 12 case studies in a format of 128 questions and answers. The second half is composed of 31 appendixes listing a variety of useful facts such as a protocol for treating status epilepticus, a safety checklist for patients about to have surgery, and a checklist for pregnancy. A 17-page glossary, a bibliography, and an index are also included.
Purpose:The author's purpose is to provide a clear, accessible guide for the practical management of seizures. This worthy objective is well met.
Audience:The intended audience is general neurologists, primary care providers, and trainees in various fields. The author is a credible authority in the field of epilepsy, having had extensive clinical and academic experience and having directed a comprehensive epilepsy center.
Features:The case discussions are fairly basic and clinically oriented. Most of the material is (hopefully) very familiar to general neurologists, but the appendixes provide a highly useful resource including information such as a directory of pharmaceutical firms' patient assistant programs, a list of epilepsy-related Web sites for physicians, an international directory of epilepsy centers, and many other helpful facts. Although most neurologists will not find much new factual information, the learning experience of following the author's clinical approach in the 12 cases is valuable. This text is easy to read. Although there are no illustrations, they are not needed for a book of this type. Also, the price is very reasonable.
Assessment:This isan excellent learning tool. It should be a top choice for the reading lists of residents in neurology, internal medicine, psychiatry, and family practice, and a welcome addition to a neurologist's library.