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Reviewer: Yevgenya Kaydanova, MD, Ph.D (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)
Description:This book contains 199 answers to common questions that patients with epilepsy usually ask their physicians. This book summarizes the author's experience in treating more than 1,000 patients with epilepsy.
Purpose:The author tries to provide patients with comprehensible medical information regarding epilepsy that should help them to combat their disease and work with their physicians.
Audience:The primary audience for this book is patients with seizure disorders, but it may also be interesting for physicians, nurses, and relatives of patients with seizure disorders.
Features:The references in this book are current and pertinent. The contents of the appendixes (A-H) are very important. A glossary of terms is very helpful for patients who are not familiar with medical terminology.
Assessment:As a neurologist, I find this book extremely useful. It is a helpful guide to the most common questions asked by patients with epilepsy. It will definitely help patients better understand the nature of their disease, the therapeutic options, prognosis, and benefits of medical progress. At the same time, this book can keep physicians and other healthcare practitioners who take care of epileptic patients, give correct professional answers to patients' questions. I would highly recommend the purchase of this book to medical and public libraries, bookstores, physicians, and patients with seizure disorders.